Business and office moving in Prague

A move planned by an organisation is a complex task, requiring staff to carry out the work and special vehicles to move furniture and equipment. Not every company is prepared to afford to spend too much time idle. "A 'paralysed' office waiting to be moved can cost a lot of money for the organisation as staff work less efficiently and effectively when not at their workplace.
Náklaďáček is ready to help you move your company professionally in Prague. Our staff are trained to properly pack your belongings, we do not violate the terms of the contract, we are open to cooperation and we provide a large number of additional services. Contact us or leave a request online to place an order or for more information about current offers.

Office moving service

Transporting furniture can be a complex task, because as well as knowing how to move the furniture, you also need to know how to stack it in such a way that it does not result in crushed fragile items and damaged tables and chairs due to poor packaging. For larger companies, the number of furniture pieces also increases the complexity. Only experience and good organisation can ensure a high degree of security and shorten the duration of the job.

Fast dismantling of built-in furniture, disassembly, removal, loading and similar processes can be done by our staff. Our large staff allows us to carry out large removals including:

  • Office moving;
  • Company relocation;
  • Relocation of your business.

Don't worry about your items

We use packaging material. Each of our employees is attentive to the customer's property. The furniture is well protected and can be disassembled for storage if the customer wishes. We use our own tools and consumables.
Furniture is packed using:

  • Bubble Tape;
  • Boxes;
  • Boxes etc.

Furniture transportation

Each of the agreed moving processes is already included in the price of the service and thus excludes any additional fees. Our team of specialists can carry out the work themselves or in the presence of the client. We are ready to carry out a large company move in the Czech Republic in the shortest possible time. Clean vehicles are used for furniture transport. Our employees do not leave behind any rubbish. Fast, clean and reasonably priced - this is how we work. Order our services and we will move in the shortest possible time.

Price of the office moving

We provide professional moving assistance. We offer optimum conditions for organisations and private individuals. The quality of work is guaranteed. It is possible to conclude a contract in our organisation. Our specialists will do their best to provide you with the best possible offer. Please contact us to find out more.

For all questions contact us in any convenient way:

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