Apartment and household moving in Prague

It happens sometimes that people change their place of residence. Not everyone is ready and willing to part with their personal belongings. Furniture can be valuable, meaningful and it can also be a reminder of something to its owner. Memory is priceless and leaving such items behind during the move is absolutely unacceptable. Sometimes such items are small and their size makes it possible to transport them on your own. Often, items are also extremely large and professional movers are essential.
Náklaďáček provides a full range of moving services. We are ready to help you move into new house in Prague, quickly, accurately and on favourable terms. Our employees are as careful as possible with customers' belongings, use packing material and make sure that customers' furniture and items stay clean.

Relocation company in the Czech Republic

Comfort is something worth using Náklaďáček for. Houses and apartments vary in size and the amount of furniture will vary accordingly. Spending time packing each piece of furniture alone is not an easy task. In addition to inefficient packing techniques, inexperience means personal items may not be secured correctly and there is an increased risk of damage to property during transport. Inefficient use of space during loading can also lead to unnecessary costs, and disorganised furniture removals are always hard work.

When ordering professional home moving services, customers are assured of the complete safety of their possessions. Our services allow the customer to:

  • Save time on the move;
  • Relieve us of the burden of physically demanding work involved in relocating interior elements;
  • Receive a guarantee of safety of your belongings during the move.

Moving into the new apartment

Our services are ideal for people who cannot or do not want to move on their own. Entrusting this process to professionals will eliminate the need to find packing material, order a car and hire movers.

We are professionals and have all the necessary consumables for packing, movers from ours agency are hardy and are able to cope with large items of furniture. We have a large fleet of clean and spacious vehicles. Our services cover all phases of moving to a new household. If you have a large number of fragile items such as mirrors, crockery, glass cabinets, etc., ordering a moving service from Náklaďáček is the right choice.

Price of the moving

There are several ways to book an apartment or home move with us. You can either leave a request online or contact our customer service team. Our consultants are always happy to take requests , discuss customer requirements and calculate the moving price.
We will do our best to make you satisfied. We guarantee accuracy and thoroughness. The work will be completed without any delays. We are always glad to help you!

For all questions contact us in any convenient way:

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